Store Your Suitcases Properly

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If it has been awhile since your last vacation, you might dig the suitcases out to start packing and be thinking it’s time for new luggage. Especially if the luggage hasn’t been cared for and stored properly, it could be that it doesn’t much look like how you remember it. Besides, things that sit around in places for months and months can invite pests, mold and all kinds of other things. Luggage bags are expensive and are supposed to be used over and over again. You need to know a few things about properly caring for and storing suitcases and luggage so that you don’t have any surprises.

Think back to the last time you bought suitcases or luggage. There are those experts out there that say you can make your suitcases and luggage last a lifetime. You might not buy into all of that, but you certainly can get your money’s worth. How you do that is by knowing how to care for your luggage. It’s not easy when you don’t use it all the time. Plus, when you get back from a trip, all you want to do is unpack, throw the luggage to the side and rest.

You do know that your luggage needs to be cleaned, right? You should clean it prior to packing, and you should clean your suitcases when you get back from your trip as well. If there is a significant amount of time in between trips, you might even want to pull out your luggage bags, check them and clean them up a little again. Keeping your bags well maintained helps you to continue to use them, saves you money and they look good, too.

Where you store your luggage needs to be dry. This is common sense, you don’t want your so that your luggage to get wet and moldy. Be sure pests can’t get to your bags, and make sure the environment is cool and not warm. Cool and dry is ideal. Consider placing suitcases in black bags, which keeps them clean and free from dust. If you do these things, you will be using your luggage for quite some time.

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