Storage, when not in use

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Russian dollsAs noted previously, one of the primary benefits that you are going to get when you invest in a 3 piece luggage set is optimal storage compatibility. Because these luggage sets are designed with the storage factor in mind when not in use.

Each suitcase is designed to allow you to store the smallest case into the next size up, the middle case. The middle case then fits into the largest case.

Obviously this is a space saving feature when the luggage is not in use. But the other benefit is that they’re all together. No more looking for individual cases. Once you’ve located one, you’ve found them all.

When you reach your destination you’ll probably find yourself dealing with space limitations, either at your hotel room or wherever it is that you might be staying. You unpack and store all the cases in the large case.Space problem solved

You get maximum baggage space but with minimum storage requirements.

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