3 Piece Luggage Set

The Best Right Now

The three piece luggage sets you can see below are our current favorites. They are all superb quality, well designed, elegant but tough and hard wearing. They will serve you well and are going to last a long time.

We’ve selected our favorites at three price points, high, Medium and low. The best of bread luggage sets at each price level.

Matching Design
A fully matching and integrated design that’s what you’ll get when you purchase a matching 3 piece luggage set By
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Money to be Saved
Another bonus when investing in a three piece luggage set is the ability to save a money on your travels.
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Packing Tips For Your Trip
You have a big trip coming up, and it is time to get packing. When do you leave? Hopefully, you’re
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A New Luggage Set

If you’re looking for a new 3 piece luggage set you’ve come to the right place. There are lots of choices, lots of things to consider. We’ve tried to make things easy for you by selecting what we consider to be the very best of the bunch.

We are well aware that not everyone has hundreds of dollars to spend, so we’ve made our selections as broad as possible so that there’s a 3 piece luggage set for all budgets.

colored luggage

By Color

Click on the colored suitcase on the right; it shows the best 3 piece luggage sets arranged by color. So choose the color you like then checkout the best five sets in that color.

What to Check for, before buying

There are five features you should check when deciding which new three piece luggage set to buy.

  • Case Shell, hard plastic or soft fabric – check the quality
  • Casters, these are the four wheels on each case – make sure they’re hard wearing
  • Zipper, this needs to be chunky and tough
  • Locks, this should be a quality item, well made and tamper proof
  • Expandable, a nice bonus to have increases the capacity of the case

The Latest Models

We endeavour to keep the site updated as best we can but there are always new models introduced all the time and old models are dropped. For the best and latest models available right now click the link below.

See the latest 3 piece Luggage Sets available right now