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It’s a wise decision when you invest in a three piece luggage set. Each case in the set s made up of the same materials and design theme. The features will be the same, the locking mechanism will be the same. Handles wheels will all the be in the same place. So when you know how to operate one case in the set you’ll know how to operate them all.

If you were instead to choose different suitcases. Then you would have the exact opposite situation- each case would have it’s own odd-ball features. Suitcases not designed together tend not to work together.

Overall, there are a lot of unique benefits and advantages to investing in a 3 piece luggage set, where the cases were specifically designed to work together. By investing in one of these sets, not only are you going to benefit from them being able to work together well, but you are going to be able to benefit from being able to stack and store them much more efficiently.

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